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Sue Mbaya, an independent research consultant working in the field of women’s rights in land, has been working closely with PLAAS’s Emmanuel Sulle in a project on Women’s Rights for Inclusive Development and Growth in Africa.   The aim of the project is to hold governments accountable on on the implementation of policies and laws on Women’s land Rights monitoring the nature of policies and the actions they take. The project has focused on women’s land rights in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Togo and South Africa.  A scorecard has been developed to look at how countries perform in a number of themes, ranging from the extent to which the law makes provision for equal rights for women to  the extent to which women’s rights are protected against corporate takeover. The findings thus far are sobering: while most countries look good on paper, guaranteeing rights in law,  they do much more badly in enforcement.  Check out the scorecard here.