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Sharing a Planet in Peril

Sharing a Planet in Peril

A Research Initiative: 2023

About the Research Initiative

Our planet is clearly in peril!

The interrelated crises associated with Global Environmental Change (GEC) – including biodiversity loss, climate change and the depletion of soils and waters – are mounting threats to both human and nonhuman life. While the natural sciences provide solid evidence of the magnitude of those threats, the social and cultural dimensions of GEC have received much less attention, although the importance of diverse forms of knowledge, imaginaries and practices in explaining and addressing these threats are increasingly acknowledged.

PLAAS is one of the three core partners in the research initiative ‘Sharing a Planet in Peril’, anchored at the University of Cologne, to tackle the burning environmental questions of our time. To this end we are working together to build an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers and communities in selected sites across the Global South and Global North, in order to examine how the inequitable impacts of GEC are being experienced, narrativized, and responded to within different


locations, discourses and media around the world. Informed by decolonial and multispecies methodologies and political ecology perspectives, this initiative seeks to uncover in particular the potential of a range of ideas and activities related to ‘sharing’ to facilitate more equitable, ecological and convivial lifeways.

This partnership is an activity of the SARChI Chair at PLAAS.

Read more about the initiative here.

Read about other related work already underway at PLAAS in our Living Landscapes in Action [html link to that page] project.

The notion of ‘sharing’ builds on PLAAS work on land tenure, commons and commoning, and natural resource management.