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by Association for Rural Advancement in 2012
The Association for Rural Advancement is very concerned about the flawed process of the public meetings on the Traditional Courts Bill that were held last month in KZN. We foresee the same problem occurring with public consultations starting on 8 May if the same negligent process is followed. AFRA...
by Mike Cowling, Land Rights Legal Unit at the Association For Rural Advancement in 2012
Finally, it is a constitutional imperative that traditional courts should not exercise criminal jurisdiction, and instead should be limited to civil disputes between private citizens. The Bill in its current form seems to imply that the government wants to keep the existing traditional leaders...
by Commission for Gender Equality in 2012
The Alliance for Rural Democracy is alarmed by the extent to which public meetings on the Traditional Courts Bill presently underway in provinces are excluding the very communities that stand to be most affected by the bill. Alliance partners have attended the education sessions and parliamentary...