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In this episode we continue our discussion with Yan Hariong, exploring China’s ‘Going Out policy.’ Our guest delves into the intricate linkages between China and other developing countries, highlighting concerns regarding the rebalancing of global geopolitical power. With China’s surplus capacity and its reliance on export markets for development, we witness a new geopolitical moment amidst the expansion of the BRICS alliance. The context of China’s global engagement intersects with neoliberalism, a framework historically imposed by Western institutions. However, the emergence of China as a major player challenges conventional expectations. Examining China’s involvement in Africa, we consider whether its actions amount to neocolonialism or simply reflect participation in global capitalism, offering investment opportunities that may be more appealing to African nations.

This episode is presented by Prof Ruth Hall and PLAAS post-doctoral candidate Boaventura Monjane.

    boaventura monjane