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It’s been a while in the making, but at last it is ready:  today we are going live with our new website.   We’re hoping to make this a mentally stimulating, intellectually provocative, and politically informative space: a site that can provide intellectual nourishment and stimulation for people interested in finding solutions to the huge challenges of economic development and transformation facing our continent.

For all its 25 years of existence, PLAAS has stood for three things: fierce political commitment to equity and justice; rigorous research about the complexities of social and economic change; and complete political independence.   You may not agree with the views you find on here: but we believe you will always find our work worth taking seriously.  We think that this website can serve as a showcase for our work, our people, and our values, and we hope you will find it worth your while to visit.

So look around! Our institutional pages contain detailed information about who we are and what we are about; our intellectual and research agenda is set out on our research page; if you want to study with us, you can find out about our academic programme; you can dive deep into 25 years’ worth of detailed quality papers and reports in our publications page; information about conferences, seminars and other news can be found on our events page;  and our blog should be a lively source of interesting information and thought provoking argument.  Enjoy!

Andries du Toit

14 MAY 2019