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Professor Andries du Toit will examine the disjuncture between the discourses of policy deliberation and contentious politics in debates about ‘the land question’ in South Africa. He will argue that the South African land debate as it unfolds in the public realm is best understood as a displaced discourse indirectly addressing the terms of political belonging and the nature of the post-apartheid political order. Far from being a distraction, this is a challenge that urgently needs to be confronted on its own terms.

Seminar details

Date: 1 August 2023
Time:  13:00 – 14:00

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Andries du Toit

Director and Professor

Andries du Toit has a Ph.D. in Comparative Studies from the University of Essex. His training is in political theory and discourse analysis. He has done extensive research on the political economy of structural poverty and racialised inequality in a range of contexts in South Africa.