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Webinar: Covid-19: Impact on small-scale fisheries in South Africa and beyond

When: Thursday, 30 April 2020 at 13:00

Join PLAAS for a webinar on “Covid-19: Impact on small-scale fisheries in South Africa and beyond” featuring Charles America (artisanal fisher and activist from Ocean View), Rovina Europa (Coastal Links, Arniston), and Naseegh Jaffer (director, Masifundise Development Trust).

The speakers will give perspective on their lived realities of the Covid-19 crisis on small-scale fishers, income, livelihoods, and food.

Questions for discussion include:

  • Why are small-scale fisheries so vulnerable?
  • How is the Covid-19 impacting people who depend on small-scale fisheries for their livelihoods?
  • What are the most urgent steps that the government can take to protect the small-scale fisheries sector?
  • What is the role for fisher organisations during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis?

Click here to join: or view it below.