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Webinar: Beyond elite capture: Promoting livelihoods and jobs in South Africa’s land reform

Thursday, 16 July 2020 at 13:00 (CAT)

Join PLAAS for a webinar on “Beyond elite capture: Promoting livelihoods and jobs in South Africa’s land reform” featuring Dr Farai Mtero (senior researcher, PLAAS) and Professor Ben Cousins (PLAAS founder and Emeritus Professor, University of the Western Cape).

South Africa’s land reform was originally expected to create new livelihood and employment opportunities for smallholder farmers. Yet, there is growing evidence of elite capture and an increasingly narrow focus on the promotion of a large-scale commercial farming model. The speakers will give insight on what has happened in land reform and how alternative land use and farming options may improve rural livelihoods and create a significant increase in jobs in the agricultural sector.

Questions for discussion include:

  1. What has been the overall trajectory of land reform in South Africa, and what are the constraints to successful land reform?
  2. Who has benefited from land reform in South Africa to date?
  3. What are some alternative ways of implementing land reform, and how can land redistribution in particular contribute to enhanced rural livelihoods and employment creation in South Africa?

Read more about the research that inspired this webinar here and here.

Watch the webinar here: Or click below to watch.