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Webinar: Gendered implications of new formalisation of customary land tenure in Southern Africa

THURSDAY 25 MARCH 2021 FROM 13:00–14:00 CAT

PLAAS invites you to a webinar titled ‘Gendered implications of new formalisation of customary land tenure in Southern Africa’ featuring:

The webinar will be chaired by PLAAS researcher, Refiloe Joala.

The Southern African region is experiencing rapid and ‘silent’ processes of formalisation of customary land in the rural agrarian economies. While land-based investments by multinational corporates have exacerbated tenure insecurity among the rural poor – and especially among women – they are not the only important process affecting land rights. A combination of less visible local processes involving adaptations from below that are linked to changing local and global contexts, but also accelerated from above by a resurgence of modernist land policies are at play.

In response to the rising demand in land and tenure insecurity, the state, civil society and international donor agencies have introduced flanking mechanisms -programs that advocate for registration and documentation of customary land rights-as a way to protect rural women and the vulnerable from the rise in demand for land. This has taken the form of a Customary Land Holding Certificate in Zambia being driven from below by civil society and the DUAT in Mozambique being driven from above by the state.  On the one hand, by helping to register land rights one might protect vulnerable women with insecure tenure from the impact of this rise in demand for customary land. On the other, the processes can make customary tenure more legible especially to the markets and therefore create conditions that are more likely to result in the loss of land.

This webinar will engage the questions below:

  • What are the main drivers of formalisation of customary land tenure?
  • What are the characteristics and features of the new tenure regimes?
  • To what extent and in what ways has formalisation protected or worsened women’s land rights and livelihoods?
  • What does this mean for land tenure policy?

This webinar is part of a regional PLAAS project entitled, Privatisation of Customary Land and Implications for Women’s Land Tenure Security and Livelihoods in Southern Africa, in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency.

Tune in on Thursday, 25 March 2021 from:

12:00 West Africa Time (WAT)
13:00 Central Africa Time (CAT)
14:00 East Africa Time (EAT)

Watch the webinar here: Or scroll down to view it.