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More than half a billion people in the world depend on fishing for a livelihood. Not only is this resource being depleted, but it has been privatised, with rights allocated to big companies, reducing people’s access and in some cases pushing people into criminal livelihoods. In this episode, we talk with two prominent voices on the fishing sector: Prof Moenieba Isaacs at PLAAS and Naseegh Jaffer, a leader at Masifundise Development Trust. With them, we talk about marine resources and inland fisheries. the interests and politics of ‘blue capital’, government and multilateral institutions, and the struggles of small-scale fishers in South Africa, in Africa and around the world, to defend, reclaim and sustainably use this common property resource: the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers and the life within them.

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This episode is presented by Prof Ruth Hall and PLAAS post-doctoral candidate Boaventura Monjane.

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