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WEBINAR: African food systems, gender dynamics and small-scale fisheries (SSF) perspectives

THURSDAY 3 JUNE 2021 from 13:00 – 14:00 SAST/CAT

PLAAS invites you to a webinar titled ‘African food systems, gender dynamics and small-scale fisheries (SSF) perspectives’

The speakers include:

The webinar will be chaired by Moenieba Isaacs, PLAAS, University of Western Cape.

Small-scale fisheries (SSF) forms an essential part of the African food system as they contribute to high quality protein and micronutrients that are often consumed with tomatoes to increase the nutritional value for many poor and vulnerable populations. Yet, there are many interlocking factors that prevent SSF to play a more significant role in feeding the poor and vulnerable – such as, the legislation supporting industrial fisheries and large-scale aquaculture, proclamation of MPAs in SSF fishing grounds, overfishing, Marine Spatial Planning of blue economy and now the Covid-19 pandemic.

We invited three civil society organisations (NETRIGHT -Ghana, EMEDO- Tanzania, and Masifundise – South Africa) who formed part of an IDRC funded research on African Food Systems during Covid-19 to give their perspectives on how the Covid-19 regulations impacted on fish flow, prices of fish, and gendered dynamics in SSF.

In this session we will unpack the interlocking factors influencing the flow of fish, the supply chain, the demand, the volumes, and the prices pre-Covid 19.

Tune in on Thursday 3 June 2021 at:

  • 13:00 South African Standard Time (SAST)/Central African Time (CAT)
  • 12:00 West African Time (WAT)
  • 11:00 Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) (Ghana)
  • 14:00 East African Time (EAT) (Tanzania)

The webinar is in partnership with World Oceans Week 2021, please read more about it here:

Watch the webinar here: Or scroll down to view it.