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Yvonne Muyia

Marine Conservationist


Yvonne Muyia is a Marine Conservationist based in Shimoni, Kwale County Kenya. She holds a BSc. In Environmental Conservation and Management and is currently the Program Coordinator at REEFolution Trust, is an organisation that focuses on improving fisheries resilience through coral restoration in the Wasini channel, Kwale County, Kenya. This is in collaboration with Beach Management Units from the area. As the coordinator she ensures the project has relative compliance documentation, oversee expansion of the project to other areas, corresponds with the local partners, and provides a supporting role to the executing team.

Yvonne is interested in co-management and how research and conservation initiatives are taking into consideration other social needs of local communities. She believes multidisciplinary and integrated approaches are key in executing these community based conservation initiatives. In her free time, Yvonne enjoys reading, star gazing, plane spotting, whale watching, and being around her loved ones.