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Yidenkchew Jember



Yidenkchew Jember is a Lecturer and School Dean at Woldia University, School of Land Administration, Ethiopia with more than 10 years of experience in teaching, research and community service activities. Specialising in land administration and management, Yidnekachew uses that experience to deliver lectures, seminars, prepare and develop courses and teaching materials and undertake research and provide community services in the area of land administration.

By focusing on teaching, research and community services, Yidenkchew has been able to put the MSc degree in Land Administration and Management they earned at Bahir Dar University to good use.

Over the years, Yidenkchew strengths at Woldia University have garnered some recognition to become Department Head and now to become Dean of School of Land Administration. Yidenkchew may spend their days at Woldia University, but it’s the team spirit and good working environment that gets them up in the morning. When they’re not at Woldia University, Yidenkchew is an avid to watch football and loves spending time reading books.