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Yenew Bitew Taddele

Lecturer and Researcher


Yenew B. Taddele is Lecturer and Researcher in Law at Bahir Dar University, and a Licensed Private Attorney in Ethiopia. Specialising in Land Laws, Construction Laws and Alternative Dispute Resolution with more than seven years of experience, Yenew uses that experience to play his role in natural resource governance processes that determine both the extent to which ecosystems contribute to human well-being and the long-term prospects for the successful conservation of nature.

By focusing on setting a framework for understanding, assessing and improving natural resource governance on “Four issues; namely, perceptions towards existing land policy; the impact of such policies on land access, administration, and related economic outcomes, features, and impacts of land fragmentation, consolidation, expropriation” and “its commercialization”, Yenew has been able to put the Construction Laws and Alternative Dispute Resolution earned at Bahir Dar University to good use. Over Three years, at this University, he has garnered recognition for the research he conducted.

Yenew is highly driven to settle disputes by arbitration and other ADR mechanisms, especially through workable African indigenous dispute resolution mechanisms.

Finally, Yenew is dependable and follows commitments; open and honest; holds accountability and owing up to his shortcoming; admire teamwork; and working within multicultural environments.