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Wenzile Giyose

project manager


Wenzile Giyose is easily adaptable person having studied a mainly agriculture-based qualification in Agricultural Extension but has worked predominantly in the Environment sector. Her experience comprises of agricultural extension and environmental management. In agricultural extension she has worked in farmer training, assisting in the coordination of the cross-sectoral extension group and stakeholder management. In the environment sector she has experience in project management, stakeholder engagement and mobilisation, training development and facilitation, and fostering relevant relationships. She would like to extend her knowledge base particularly in land and biodiversity stewardship, community development and social justice through and for improved natural resource management. 

She is currently involved in protected area expansion through stewardship approaches, focusing on communal landowners, particularly for the establishment of a contractual national park. Her work is aimed at biodiversity protection with a strong focus on improving the livelihoods of the communities who live in and around protected areas, in active agricultural landscapes. Social justice is at the centre of the added benefits of this work, thus my interest in the course.