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Vincent Moses

Land Governance Expert


Vincent Moses is a land governance expert from Malawi with extensive knowledge and experience on land and resource rights governance. Since the 2014 when he graduated at Mzuzu University in Land Management (Land Surveying) program, his work has basically centered on research and advocacy on land policies. Over the past 6 years, the government of Malawi has been piloting land reforms including the formal documentation of customary land rights for strengthened tenure security. In his line of duty as a Land Governance Programme Officer at Centre for Policy Research and Advocacy, he significantly supported the Ministry of Lands on the entire process of developing subsidiary legislations for the newly enacted land law.

Similarly, he has been central to the development of field guidelines and implementation manuals for carrying out a gender and social inclusive customary land documentation in collaboration with the Ministry of Lands. Out of his passion and interests on land rights issues, he harboured more interests in delivering evidence based research work on land rights governance to inform government policy and programs. More thanks to NELGA, PLAAS and the entire organisers of this online course for this opportunity. This course gives him a chance for knowledge exchange on land governance issues and ensures quality work.