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Valrite Ehachi


Valrite L. Ehachi holds a Bachelors of Science in Land Administration from The Technical University of Kenya. She is currently working and residing in Nairobi-Kenya. She is very passionate about all matters pertaining to land, land tenure, and land policies and how all that affects us. She works as a Geographic Information Science (GIS) Officer at Joint National and Resource Mapping (jnam), where they do mapping for different resources by collecting data and analysing it for different purposes and projects. She also has experience working with the Ministry of Land, focused on land registration dealing with land transfers, registering cautions and restrictions, registering charges/loan on land, and carrying out land searches. During her free time, she likes to read books, listen to podcasts, and take up classes online to learn new skills or build up and perfect a skill that she already has because she believes learning never really stops and that knowledge is a very powerful tool.