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Tumaini Tumbeine Oleleteyo


Tumaini Tumbeine Oleleteyo


Tumaini Tumbeine Oleleteyo is a Maasai who was born and raised in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in Tanzania. The popularity and status of the area as one of the wonders of the world, the cradle of Mankind, Man and International Biosphere Reserve plus UNESCO mixed world heritage site and part of new Ngorongoro Lengai Geopark sparked his desire to participate
in the protection of the flora and fauna of his home.

During his childhood he interacted with the forest scenes, wildlife sounds and smells. They were very much a part of his life, and all of them precast his passion and enthusiasm for working in conservation career. Oleleteyo served eight years as a Conservation Park Ranger in the Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourism in Tanzania. This included three years as a Game Warden from Simanjiro District, in the Manyara region. Following his Park Ranger career, he went on work in different anti-poaching operations with Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) and Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA). However, both of these sectors prioritising by provide protection and
conservation of Rhino Conservation as a national agenda within the ministry.

In 2020, he joined the Tanzania National Park (TANAPA) their crew on studying the monitoring, forensic and management of small population within an area of protection. Currently, he participated in the Convivial Conservation Workshop held by the University of Western Cape in South Africa.