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Thando Mathe

Researcher and Author


Thando Mathe is a 28 year old land tenure rights and land administration protégé from Zimbabwe. A researcher and author at State of Tenure – an educational platform writing articles and hosting discussions on land governance and land rights in Afrika. Having served as the youngest Assistant GIS Manager at the Zimbabwe Land Commission leading land information management during the country’s national agricultural land audit which sought to improve the lives of over 300 000 farmers. I am enthusiastic about implementing fit for purpose land information systems to strengthen customary tenure systems. He has spoken at a number of conferences including delivering a Masterclass at the UNECA’s Conference for Land Policy in Africa 2021, OpenStreetMap Africa’s State of the Map Africa Conference, Zimbabwe Forestry Commission Symposium and State of the Map Nigeria. His dream is to lead sustainable policymaking in land governance across the public sector to upgrade the socio-economic status of Afrikan communities.