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Teddy Ncamiso Dlamini

Malolotja Senior Park Warden


Teddy Dlamini, an enthusiast with a profound passion for the environment. Armed with an Honours degree in Environmental Management and Geography, Teddy has dedicated his career to fostering sustainable practices and ecological preservation.
Teddy is not your typical office dweller; he thrives in the great outdoors. Whether embarking on a new adventure sport or exploring uncharted territories, he finds solace and inspiration in nature. His love for travelling has taken him to breath-taking landscapes worldwide, fuelling his commitment to environmental conservation.
Driven by core values, Teddy is a firm believer in meticulous planning and thoughtful consultation. He approaches life with an open mind, always seeking opportunities to enhance his experiences. Through his journey, he has learned the importance of collaboration and values the wisdom gained from diverse perspectives.
In addition to his professional pursuits, Teddy actively promotes the values he holds dear – sustainability, respect for nature, and the joy of discovery. His story is one of purpose, where a commitment to environmental stewardship and a love for the outdoors converge into a meaningful and adventurous life.