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Tapiwa Chimbadzwa


Tapiwa Chimbadzwa


Tapiwa Chimbadzwa is a certified Peace Practitioner whose interest is vested in advocating for pro-poor policies for development, equal and meaningful participation of local communities in decision making, and human-animal conflict mitigation. He holds a BSc Honours Degree in Peace, Conflict, and Governance from Great Zimbabwe University. Chimbadzwa believes that there should be peaceful coexistence between humans, wildlife, and the environment for the world to see positive peace.

He is working with Wildlife Conservation Action as a Public Engagement Programs Manager, a role where he is working closely with local communities in the creation of human animal conflict mitigation strategies. In addition, facilitating community discussions about how local communities can be at the forefront of wildlife conservation. He is also an Interim Project Manager for the Wildlife Conservation Action Carnivore Research project, where he is conducting fine scale assessments of the ecology and conservation of three of Africa’s largest carnivores on privately owned game and livestock ranch. Through conducting baiting practices for collaring brown hyenas, spotted hyenas and leopards, kill site investigation, leopards’ identification activities, scat collection, cleaning and analysis. All these efforts are meant to find best practices in conserving large carnivores whose populations have been decimated due to the misconception by humans resulting in conflict.