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Senzo Oxford Dunywa

Biodiversity Stewardship Facilitator


Senzo Dunywa, born in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, is a charismatic and strong-willed leader dedicated to family, heritage, and sustainable growth. With a National Diploma and a BTech Degree in Nature Conservation from Mangosuthu University of Technology. Senzo’s career as a Biodiversity Stewardship Facilitator for the Eastern Cape Tourism and Parks Agency reflects his relentless pursuit of excellence. His achievements include creating a good relationship with the landowners and assisting Likhayalethu CPA to get funding for the Brakfontein community’s Abattoir through the GEF Small Grant Programme.
Previously contributing significantly to the Wildlands Conservation Trust, Senzo showcased project management skills, notably in the Upper uThukela Wildlands Conservation Trust projects, emphasising managing restoration teams. His internship at Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife focused on environmental education, impacting school children through the S’fundimvelo Programme.
Senzo’s journey exemplifies a tenacious commitment to heritage preservation, nature conservation, and community empowerment. As a leader, his ability to engage stakeholders, write compelling reports, and lead diverse teams sets him apart. Senzo Dunywa is not just a professional but an inspiring individual weaving success through his work, affirming heritage, and championing nature conservation. His warm demeanour and unwavering commitment to progress make Senzo a beacon of inspiration in every endeavour.