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Bruna Figueiredo Gonçalves


Ph.D. candidate in Social Sciences at the Postgraduate Program in Social Sciences in Development, Agriculture and Society, Master in International Relations by the Institute of International Relations by PUC-RIO (2018) and Bachelor in International Relations by the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (2015). My main research interests are Land Market, Financialization, Agriculture and International Political Economy. Currently I am a researcher at the Study Group on Social Changes, Agribusiness and Public Policies (GEMAP/UFRRJ) and a Scholarship holder from the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPQ).


ResearchGate: Goncalves?ev=hdr_xprf


From commodification to financialization: the advance of financial capital in rural areas in Brazil

The advance of financial capital over agriculture and Brazilian land is closely related to a global process of financializati on of various spheres of economic and social life. Land becomes an important destination for financial investments from the 2000s onward, reversing the history of distance between the sector and rural areas. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the process of financialization of land in Brazil, relating it to the history of the formation of private property and the commodification of land in the country, which dates from the imperial period. The main hypothesis of the paper is the commodification and financialization of the land are part of the same movement: the commodification of the land already makes its financial qualities noticeable, but in the contemporary period, the land has been constructed as a complete financial asset. To achieve the papers’s goal, it is proposed to consult academic books and articles in order to understand the theoretical categories and concepts that will provide the basis for this study; reports prepared by investment funds, companies and other financial market players on their activities; in addition to interviews with relevant actors for the topic.

Affiliation: Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil