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Riyanatou Medessi

Head of Study Program


Madam Riyanatou MEDESSI, Head of Study Program “Surveyor Topographer” at the Tax and Customs Training Institute of the Togolese Revenue Office (IFFD-OTR) since January 2022 holds a State Engineer Diploma in Geomatics Science and Topographic Engineering at the Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute in Rabat, Morocco.

Prior to her appointment as Head of Division at the IFFD-OTR, she held the position of Senior Agent and Head of Section at the DCCFE, Direction of Cadastre, Land Conservation and Registration at the OTR ( 2018-2022). She was sworn in as an Expert Surveyor in 2017 and created her technical studies firm specialising in cartography, topography, project management “Terra Modus” heritage survey. After a few months of internship, she was Head of the Topography Department in the Holding CECO Group specialising in Building and Public Works (2014-2017).

Her area of interest revolves around topographic studies and works in all areas relating to land use planning. She continues her research on the land governance system for the establishment of a versatile and dynamic cadastre in Togo: case of the municipality of Agoè-Nyivé 5 (south-west of Togo).