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Amelia Genis

Research Associate


Amelia Genis is a journalist at Landbouweekblad agricultural magazine. She is interested in the regenerative potential of sustainable farming methods and the conditions that contribute to farmer resilience in an era of climate change and degraded ecosystems, but also how these lofty ideals can be bedevilled by capitalist pressures. Her first job was as an agricultural economist in the department of agriculture. Amelia obtained an MPhil in Land and Agrarian Studies and a PhD from PLAAS, University of the Western Cape.

Research Focus

Conditions affecting accumulation in farming and the differentiation of farmers in South Africa


  • PhD (Accumulation and differentiation: the dynamics of change in the large-scale commercial farming sector of South Africa), PLAAS, University of the Western Cape
  • MPhil, PLAAS, University of the Western Cape
  • MPhil (Journalism), Stellenbosch University
  • BSc Agric (Hons), Stellenbosch University

Selected Publications