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Rebecca Atayo


Ms. Rebecca Atayo possesses a Law Degree from Makerere University and a Diploma in Legal Practice from The Law Development Centre. She is also enrolled as an Advocate of the High Court of Uganda and all subordinate courts. She is currently working as the Legal and Board Liaison Officer of LANDnet Uganda and is a practising advocate.

Over the past six years, she has amassed experience in legal and policy reform, research and partnership mobilisation and coordination. She is passionate about women economic empowerment and corporate governance.

Having been a part of the workforce for the past six years within the natural resources sector, it is important at this moment to build on the knowledge and skills already acquired so as to continue meaningfully contributing moving forward. She strongly believes this fellowship presents an opportunity to share experiences with scholars’ world over, broaden my way of thinking and exposure. It is also an opening to appreciate diversity and learn from different cultures and walks of life and have a more inclusive approach to experiences outside of her own. Belonging to this association will gives her room to create a professional development network that will provide lifelong support and encouragement for one another as we progress career wise.

She hopes to apply the leadership training received to offer more transformative leadership at different levels such as with my current employer at the local level and the IGAD Youth and Land Steering Committee at the regional level; where she is an active member and the head of a subcommittee respectively.