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Ogina K’odieny

Policy Advocacy Expert


Ogina K’odieny is a Policy Advocacy Expert with focus on land and natural resources issues with 12 years’ experience. He has experience working with marginalised artisanal and small-scale mining communities with a bias on women empowerment and feminism. Most notably he has worked with indigenous communities in the Amazonian region of the Republic of Brazil in two exchange learning trips between them and Kenya. In regard to policy review he has sat in various working groups including: the working group on internally displaced persons for the post 2008-2008 elections violence that culminated in IDPs act and the national land information management systems taskforce which came up with recommendation that were handed over to the National Land Commission (NLC).

He has been able to support other policy processes like the development of various land laws and policies in Kenya as well as input into international laws. He holds an undergraduate degree in Linguistics and Development Studies, a Masters of Science in Communication Studies and is currently finalising a Masters in Environmental Law.