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Nwabisa Majali

South Africa

nwabisa majali


Nwabisa Majali is a passionate Field Ranger at Edith Stephens Nature Reserve for 3 years and enjoying it. She is Conservationist both at heart and by profession. She studied a 3-year Diploma in at Cape Peninsula University of Technology and has been working in City of Cape Town’s Nature Reserve since 2017 on contract basis which means I have been practising urban conservation ever since. She is an outdoor person, and likes going out on hikes, parks and exploring. She is a straight talker and that is one trait that makes me a “HER”. Majali is an extrovert, so basically what you see is what you get however often misunderstood. One of the things she enjoys most is to engage with people, whether its colleagues, community groups, church groups or even fitness groups. She feels like there is something about people and she likes to hear how they think and look the world. She likes to hear other people’s views and also share hers in all aspects of life in general. People would normally confuse her with “political person or an activist, which is completely not me. I just like to touch where people never touch, I go where people fear to go, I say the uncomfortable truth that others might fear to say. That is simply the reason that driven me into studying Conservation, which is being a voice of those endangered animals and plants”.