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Nour Mansour

Tunisian environment activist


Nour Mansour is an accomplished Tunisian environment activist with a passion for marine biology and conservation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology Sciences and a MSc in Integrated Water Management and Sustainable agriculture from the Faculty of Sciences in Tunis and has led several advocacy campaigns in her community, raising awareness about critical environmental issues such as water scarcity, food security, climate change, and plastic pollution.
She is one of the co-founders of TunSea, a Tunisian citizen science NGO launched in 2020 that seeks to disseminate marine knowledge among civil society, associations, fishermen, and citizens in general. The organisation aims to establish collaborative relationships between
associations and similar organisations within and outside the country, especially in participating in the protection of marine biodiversity and the preservation of marine resources and oceans.

Nour’s commitment to environmental advocacy extends beyond her professional career. Nour is a Scout Guide volunteer within the Tunisian Scouts, where she leads a sustainability and strategy position. Her leadership and dedication to conservation were recognised when she participated in COP27’s within the Tunisian Delegation as a young climate negotiator, where she followed the Agriculture negotiations KJWA.
Nour’s passion for environmental conservation and advocacy has led her to join the AWF Fellowship aimed at building capacity for dialogue, critical thinking, and other practical actions for negotiation and awareness among different actors that would promote Biodiversity Conservation and other solutions to key challenges. Her hard work, dedication, and leadership
skills have made her a valuable asset to the environmental conservation community, and she continues to inspire others to make a positive impact on the planet.