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Neville Agesa Mise

CEO of Africa Climate and Environment Foundation (ACEF)


A very influential conservationist, climate activists and natural resource manager and a Marine protected area professional from Kwale county, Kenya.
Neville Agesa is a Kenyan and climate activist, ecologist, conservationist in wildlife management and environmental conservation. He currently serves as the CEO of Africa Climate and Environment Foundation (ACEF). ACEF is a youth-led organisation focusing on mobilising and empowering African youths to take actions for climate change mitigation, environmental protection, and sustainable development that would help bridge the hunger and poverty gap, mitigate climate change, protect the environment, and conserve natural resources in Africa. Through serving as the CEO, Neville has mobilised thousands of Kenyans to take actions for environmental protection especially against marine plastic littering and unsustainable exploitation of marine resources. He has led his team on projects on sea turtle conservation (link to video, mangrove restoration (link to video, beach clean-up campaign (link to Facebook account and posts, and sensitization campaigns.