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Prosper Turimubumwe 

Prosper Turimubumwe is a Burundian, and currently a PhD Candidate in Land Policy and Governance at Bahir Dar University, Institute of Land Administration- Ethiopia. He holds a MSc. in Urban Planning and Management from Ardhi University and BSc. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Since 2016 up-to-date, Turimubumwe is an Assistant Lecturer at University of Burundi; Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.

In research, Turimubumwe is interested in land administration that include land policy and land governance, land management and sustainable urban development, urban settlement and climate change, and urban livelihoods. So far, Turimubumwe has conducted researches on land policy, urban planning and corruption in land sector, urban livelihoods, and land conflicts which results have been published in scientific journals. Furthermore, Turimubumwe has participated in analysing Gaps and Strengths of land governance systems in Burundi so as to compare with other countries of Eastern Africa. For his PhD, Turimubumwe is conducting research on Land Administration in Managing Public Urban Lands for Sustainable Urban Development: Case of Bujumbura City. Finally, Turimubumwe participates in many projects teams at national level that relate to land management, land use planning and urban livelihoods.

COUNTRY: Burundi