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Sara Al-Hassan

Sara AL-Hassan is an urban researcher, and practitioner, with over three years of experience in the public, private sector, and non-governmental sectors. She mainly works in editorial and curatorial projects, ranging from art institutions, to research and civil organizations. She earned her Architecture degree from University of Khartoum in Sudan in 2018. In her thesis, Sara worked in the incorporation of South Sudanese refugees in Sudan; as a research and design project, where she spent some time in El-Waral refugee camp south of Kosti, White Nile State, Sudan mapping the settlement, conducting interviews, using qualitative approaches, focus groups, and case studies. After graduation, she shifted her focus from architectural design to urban research and practice. In 2019 she joined ‘The Urban Episode’ now known as Studio Urban where she manages the database system of urban information and cities. Moreover, she works as a research assistant; in multiple research projects focusing on the commodification of land and its conflict and inclusivity. Her research and writings explore on the right to the city and its practices on land, territorial rights, in the informal socio-economic networks. During her independent research, Sara explored the militarization of Khartoum’s urban fabric, and colonial legacy in the planning of Khartoum city. Prior to that, Sara worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Khartoum, eager to work in the development of the Urban Planning education in Sudan.