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Muhirwa Bright


Muhirwa Bright aged 32 years from Uganda. He holds a Bachelors Science degree in Land Economics from the Kyambogo University. He is so passionate about land management and its governance and being able to find solutions to the ever arising problems as regard to land. Therefore he is also so excited for the coming one week where he will be taught new ways on how to handle different land problems.

Many instruments have been put in place in our country to deal with equality to land, proper land rights and this has been done through the documentation of land rights. As per the constitution of Uganda land is held under for tenure systems that’s freehold which is perpetual in nature, leasehold held for a certain period of time, customary and mailo.

Therefore with such kind of information he is ready to be able to learn from other experts and gain new knowledge of handling land in my country and Africa at large. He is ready to participate in any assignment, helping us in finding new solutions to land issues in Africa. Thank you for this opportunity.