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Milly Nakamanya



Milly Nakamanya is a Lawyer obsessed with humanitarian work. In 2021 she joined SHED, an NGO as the Legal Aid Officer under the project titled “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Prevention and management of land conflicts for peace in Uganda”, funded by Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund with technical support from UN Women.

While at SHED, her biggest achievement has been training 32 Women’s Land Rights Monitors, over 200 Land Administration Officials on issues to do with law, human rights, and alternative dispute resolution. She spearheaded the setup of four (4) community based organisations, composed of Women’s Land Rights Monitors within Kampala, Wakiso, Kayunga, and Masaka districts, with a major aim of promoting women’s land rights in the communities among other achievements. As a result of this experience, she aspires to live up to this notion of helping women realise their land rights in practice.

Milly is a graduate of Makerere University, where she majored in Human Rights, Gender and the Law and Land Laws and currently resides in Uganda. She is always happy to connect with like-minded legal professionals.