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Margaret Njambi Njuguna

Terrestrial Conservationist


Margaret Njuguna, a Terrestrial Conservationist based in Meru, Kenya, holds a BSc in Environmental Conservation and Management from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology. Currently serving as a Biodiversity Field Researcher at Natural State, an organisation dedicated to large-scale environmental restoration, Margaret is renowned for her impactful contributions to research and data collection in environmental conservation.

In her role, Margaret excels in gathering, organising, and synthesising research information, and collaborating with leadership to optimise data collection methods. Proficient in tools like SMART, ArcGIS, and EARTH RANGER, she demonstrates a steadfast commitment to biodiversity research.

Margaret actively enhances her natural history skills, delving into species and bird identification, and contributes to camera trap image annotations using advanced tools like Agouti and the Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT). Her dedication to conservation, coupled with diverse experiences, positions Margaret as a valuable asset to environmental research initiatives.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Margaret finds joy in podcast listening, camping, biking, hiking, and exploring various cultures during her leisure time.