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Mangaka Molato



Mangaka Molato, is a persuasive professional female Lawyer with the requisite experience of 15+ years in land and legal practice. Her career encompasses reviewing and drafting legislation including policy development, contract development, ADR, project management, report writing, leadership and management in that and, she has been a team leader in the drafting of various land laws in her home country Lesotho. She has also been appointed a Land and Legal Consultant in a number of consultancies services. Furthermore, she is conversant with land tenure systems and related issues in most of the African countries.

In addition, she is adept in framework design, data collection, research and legislation analysis including advocacy on land tenure security and other land related issues. Moreover, her on-the-job experience has afforded her a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate critical and analytical thinking skills.

In addition to her experience and personal qualities, she holds a LLB degree and has a solid educational foundation in legislative drafting, and she has a passion to work with projects involving land governance and legal related aspects. In her previous positions, she held various Legal Advisors’ positions including Legal Services Manager in the land sector.