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Manasseh Samantha Matemba



A profound passion for ecology, biodiversity, and environmental conservation drives Manasseh Samantha Matemba. Currently, she is completing her Masters in Biodiversity Informatics at the Malawi University of Science and Technology where her research has focused on macroinvertebrates in an Afromontane ecosystem, Manasseh boasts 5 years of research experience in ecological studies with a specialisation in freshwater biodiversity conservation and management, ecosystem assessments, monitoring and restoration efforts. Her journey includes valuable contributions to the Environmental Management Agency in Zimbabwe, where she interned, conducted ecosystem and water quality assessments, monitored aquatic life, and played a key role in the analysis of valuable data. Presently, Manasseh is actively engaged in the origination, structuring, and feasibility study phase of the Mpatamanga Hydropower Project in Malawi. She collaborates closely with consultancies and contributes to various Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA), Environmental and Social Management Plans (ESMPs), and Cumulative Impact Assessments (CIA), ensuring strict adherence to national regulatory laws and international environmental and social safeguards. Manasseh is a recipient of the 2022 Data Science Junior Researcher Awards and a Tropical Biology Association alumni. Manasseh is determined to elevate her career in the field of data-driven conservation and management of biodiversity in Africa and beyond. Beyond academia, she is interwoven with service. She is part of the Leo Club, the Lions Club International where she has held leadership positions and channelled energy towards philanthropic endeavours, particularly in the realms of vision, hunger, diabetes, environment, and paediatric cancer.