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Mahlet Bekele

Project Analyst


Mahlet Wubshet Bekele is currently working in a business consultancy company as a project analyst. She has a background in Economics, having studied in Ethiopia for my undergraduate degree. In order to broaden my knowledge and skillset further, she recently decided to pursue an MSc degree in International Trade Law and Trade Policy in TRAPCA/ Lund University. This gives her an understanding of international trade laws, WTO rules and regulations which is a valuable asset when it comes to providing strategic advice on potential international business initiatives.

Throughout her professional career she has specialised in providing financial advice within organisations, as well as creating management systems and monitoring budgets. Working with corporate clients has provided her with an insight into how businesses operate on an international and cross-border scale. The experience that she has gained over the years has enabled her to come up with creative solutions to complex business challenges across various sectors including finance, insurance, land lease, agriculture and technology.

She is passionate about promoting economic development by advocating for positive changes due to globalisation in the form of research projects, campaigns and seminars aimed at achieving social justice goals which are beneficial to everyone involved.