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Kulamo Bullo


Ms. Kulamo Bullo-Ikimire is a firm believer in justice and fairness and has continued to advocate for the rights of communities in the registration of community lands. While serving as the County Executive Committee Member (CECM), Lands in Marsabit County she steered the Frontier Counties Development Cooperation (FCDC) Land Sector Forum that pushed for counties within the FCDC cluster to prioritise registration of community lands and spatial planning. She is still in this space to make sure that the lands agenda gets the necessary traction and that the communities are given the necessary support to smoothly transition and register their lands.

From October 2017- October 2019 she served as the CEC Member for Lands, Energy and Urban Development and further CEC Member for Tourism, Culture, Gender & Social Services, Marsabit County from October 2019-October 2022. She guided policy development especially in looking at how gender plays into land ownership and decision making.

She is a beneficiary of Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program (IFP) and a social justice ambassador. She holds a Master of Arts Degree (Communication Studies) from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA and a Bachelors degree in Education Arts (English/Literature) from Kenyatta University. She loves hiking and travelling.