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Kevin Raveloson

Research Assistant


Kevin Raveloson recently graduated in Agricultural Development from the School of Agriculture, at the University of Antananarivo (Madagascar). Lately, he works as a Research Assistant of a doctorate student and also doing my own research on land securitization. He received help from a recently settled think tank in the country which is interested in land related thematic. He began working on land tenure in 2020 when he did research assistantship. Then, he also had the opportunity to work in an important development project on land security in Madagascar as an intern. Last year, in order to fulfil his Masters internship, he was involved in project assessment activities, working again as research assistant and writing his thesis about land documentation and gender. Through those experiences, he has occasionally faced the governance dimension of land tenure but he didn’t have the opportunity to dig more into the subject. Getting accepted to learn more about it throughout those short courses will surely strengthen my knowledge and help me grow to reach my goals.