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John Fayiah Kelvin


John Fayiah Kelvin, is Liberian, born unto the union of Mr. John Fayiah and Mrs. Kumba Fayiah. He is a Kissi by ethnic group and hailed from Lofa County- one of the fifteen sub-divisions of Liberia. He was born in a tiny village located in the western part of the country. He survives as the only male child of my family, with six sisters. His dad is a traditional farmer, a major source of livelihood for my family; and his mom is deceased after losing battle with ulcer in 2013.

He is currently the National Coordinator of the Multi-Actor Platform on Land Governance and Responsible Agriculture Investment in Liberia.

His organisation Rights and Rice Foundation is a member of the International Land Coalition (ILC).

He is very passionate about social work and love for humanity. His love and passion for humanity has enabled him to reach out to different races of people, affluent and less fortunate. He will stop at nothing until his dreams of making the dreams of women, youth and other minority groups in my country and beyond are realised.