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Jasper Sabuni

Tanzanian Advocate, Social Justice Activist, Writer and Poet


Jasper Sabuni is a Tanzanian Advocate, Social Justice Activist, Writer and Poet. He has, for over seven years, been heavily engaged with the community, serving in different instalments and occasions at various NGOs such as SOMA, HAKIARDHI and MVIWATA, which have altogether been promoting for the welfare of the ordinary and less privileged members of the community.

He has dedicated and committed his legal and general knowledge and profession, towards uplifting the public by facilitating and coordinating training and conducting public awareness programs; researching and publishing within the public perspective; and providing legal aid and offering legal representation. He is also a writer who contributes articles and op-eds in different national and international platforms.

On the other hand, he is a literary enthusiast who is passionate about writing and performing poetry. He has also adopted and uses his artistry as his medium of disseminating knowledge, raising consciousness, spreading love and hope. He is also an author of a bi-lingual [English and Kiswahili] poetry book, titled – Love Chronicles.