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Hulisani Magada

MEL officer, and conservationist


Hulisani Magada is a MEL officer, conservationist, and proud mother. She is passionate about connecting people to solutions that benefit nature and humanity. She is a qualified nature conservationist with 8+ years of experience in biodiversity and conservation. Her journey began at local government, working for the City of Johannesburg as an intern responsible for mainstreaming biodiversity into land use tools and plans. She then moved to the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) where she contributed to the Biodiversity and Land Use project (2016-2021) and the Living Catchments project (2021 to date). Her current focus is on learning and exploring how we can better conserve biodiversity and build meaningful connections with people (across all levels) in the process. She is on a mission to make the world a better place – one project at a time. Learning and growing every day.