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Herihaja Nestor



HERIHAJA Nestor Julys Duratan, Agronomist by training, specialising in Environment and Forestry. Other than his academic training, he has followed various online or face-to-face training courses organised by international institutions including, with Centre Régional de Leadership (CRL) YALI DAKAR, African Civic Engagement Academy hosted by Georgia University, 50 young Francophones engaged by the climate as part of the 4th International Congress on Scientific Council to Governments (INGSA 2021) hosted by Laval University Canada; and others. He is a young person involved in community development and especially in the rural development of my country, which he gives his time to various causes. Professionally, after graduation, he has already worked in various national and international organisations that are involved in the field of rural development. The last time he held a position Responsible for Sustainable Landscape Management and GIS at an international organisation in the North-East part of Madagascar. Apart from his professional occupation, he is a founding President of an Environmental and Social Association MAITSORAVINA in Madagascar. Initiator of activities related to the objective of the association such as landscape restoration actions including reforestation, regeneration and various training and peasant support on good agricultural practice preserving the soil and the ecosystem. In this perspective he has encountered many cases related to the land problem with society; either between the population had even or with an individual and the population. In addition, in relation to his commitment which is linked to his quality as a leader, his organisation (NGO) has participated in many community activities across the country. In short, he likes to be surrounded by young people who believe in team spirit and sharing because the responsibility is to come together for a common success for the benefit of future generations.