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Fatma Kitine


fatima kitine


Fatma Kitine has worked in the field of environment, natural resource management and governance for over 10 years. Through her various positions with Honeyguide Foundation, Tanzania Community Forest Conservation Network (MJUMITA) and World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). She has also worked with local government, Ministry of Natural Resource and Tourisms, Tanzania Parliament, Tanzania Forest Working Groups (TFWG), Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) and other local and international NGOs on advocating for improved governance of forest and wildlife sector. Kitine also linked local forest user groups and WMA with government authorities to advocate, lobby and campaign for good governance. She also built capacity of governance partners, coached WMA and forest actors and guided them to develop their communication strategies. She developed a governance monitoring tool and measured performance impact, researched on governance, prepared governance reports, established and revived 33 local forest networks, analyzed forest sector budgets, promoted FSC and REDD standards and organized stakeholder’s meetings to resolve governance issues.

Currently, she is pursuing a MSc in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management at the Nelson Mandela Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) in Arusha, Tanzania. Her research is on the Effectiveness of Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) in carbon and carbon footprint in Kilwa, Tanzania as the fulfilment of her MSc studies. She holds a BSc in Wildlife Management from Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA).Kitine is currently working with Honeyguide Foundation as the Governance and Communication Program Coordinator.