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Cynthia Musah

Professional Surveyor


Cynthia Itbo Musah (Miss) graduated from the University for Development Studies, Ghana in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Land Management. Cynthia is a Professional Surveyor and a member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors. Cynthia began her career in 2018 with the Greater Accra Regional Lands Commission of Ghana, where she works as an assistant land administration officer in the Land Registration Division. In 2019, she was appointed as the substantive land administration officer responsible for registering land titles through the newly established Ghana enterprise land information system (GELIS) in Accra, Ghana. Working as a Lands Officer for over five years, Cynthia has the recognition that: land tenure security is at the core of sustainable development and human health. Her approach to research is shaped by her lived experiences as a lands officer and as a black woman from the Northern part of Ghana. Cynthia’s research interests include inclusive land governance, environmental justice and gender empowerment. She has co-authored an article titled “Land Administration Reforms: Institutional Design for Land Registration Systems in Ghana” in which she argues for a greater exchange of thoughts, ideas, solutions and technologies across all sectors and levels of land governance. She is also currently researching the links between land security and health in urban and rural areas in low-and middle-income countries.