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Clive Kudzai Govah

Environmental Regulation Officer


Clive Kudzai Govah is an Environmental Regulation Officer with four years of experience in environmental management. Following the need and crisis of key players in sustainable natural resource management, he developed a passion to live in harmony with nature and conserve our precious natural environments. He thought of covering that gap through research, learning, observing and becoming a professional in this area. He then spent much of his time at tertiary level trying to understand and grasp the importance of nature conservation, environmental issues, spatial change and dynamics of the planet earth, but more specifically in Africa. He later finished his first undergraduate degree with good grades and proceeded to be sound, experienced and eager to learn – Environmentalist. He is proud of his abilities in environmental management, the spirit of teamwork, which leads to continuous improvement, cooperation, readiness, risk-taking, and efficiency in nature and sustainability. Currently, he works under Forestry Commission Zimbabwe Conservation and Extension Division and working towards forest restoration to improve livelihoods. His future plan is to become a more environmentally friendly and sensitive conservator protecting both flora and fauna.