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Bernard Paul Baha


Bernard Paul


Bernard Paul Baha is a graduate in Political Science and Public Administration, at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (2003-2006). He has over ten years work experience in Land Rights and Natural Resources Governance. His experience varies from his work in research and management at ActionAid and HAKIARDHI/Land Rights Research and Resources Institute, where he was instrumental in establishing the Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA). He also worked with the Land Policy Initiative, currently the African Land Policy Center (APLC), a tripartite initiative of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the African Union and African Development Bank, as a Research Fellow on Large Scale Land Based Investment. He has co-authored reports on land and natural resources governance most recently focusing on land based investments in Tanzania, in the context of food production and forestry for carbon credits.

Baha joined the Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA) in May 2017 as a Coordinator and National Engagement Strategy for Land Governance in Tanzania (NES) Facilitator. Now upgraded as a National Land Coalition under the International Land Coalition (ILC) framework, his current focus is on land and agrarian policy in particular the ongoing policy review process in Tanzania, social movement, conservation models, and impact on small producers in Tanzania as well as pastoral communities (indigenous) involved under rangeland working group, mobilization of members to have a strong multi-stakeholder platform under TALA-NES processes and engagement with various institutions both governmental and private sector involved in land and natural resources governance.