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Bernadetta Luwanika

Lands Officer


Bernadetta Luwanika is passionate in supporting policies that promote safe and secure land ownership. She believes that land is a hidden treasure that needs to be managed with well-structured policies that benefit the indigenous. She has done research on understanding the problems that arise from the conflicts between customary and modern land tenure practices.

She is the Lands Officer with the Ministry of Lands in Malawi and her workspace is so broad that it incorporates both indigenous land owners and stakeholders. She monitors land acquisitions, gives advice as well as guidance to the communities and interested stakeholders apart from addressing disputes on land related issues within her jurisdiction. She has worked in both private and public sectors, and has profound knowledge and understanding of issues revolving around land.

Bernadetta holds a Bachelors degree in Land Management (Estates Management) obtained for Mzuzu University and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy.