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Benson Anofuechi

Special Adviser Igwe


Benson Anofuechi holds a PhD and Masters in Ethics and Theological Studies respectively from the University of the Western Cape (UWC) South Africa and teaches Theological Education by Extension College, Johannesburg, English for Educational Development, and Graduate Lecturing Assistant in the Department of Religion and Theology UWC. His transdisciplinary research interests include Community Development, Ethics, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Practical Theology (Homiletics, Pastoral Care and Counselling, Christian Education), Morality, Land Governance and Worldviews, Ecumenical theology, Eco-theology, and many more.

He is the Special Adviser Igwe in the Council of Oko Autonomous Community Development and a board member of Jesus Proclaimers Faith Community Orimeriunmu, Olowotedo Bus-stop, Mowe-Ibafo Axis, Ogun State, Lagos Nigeria. His interest in land disputes, leadership crisis, conflict resolution, politics, land governance, and community engagement. He has contributed internationally to research projects with VID Specialised University Norway and Protestant Theology University, Netherlands. He published the book Developing Just and Inclusive Communities: Challenges for Diakonia/Christian Social Practice and Social Work, titled A Critical Evaluation of Ubuntu Principle as Just and Inclusive Communities in a Contemporary Africa. His recent acceptance to be part of the online short course on the Political Economy of Land Governance in Africa at the UWC, South Africa would add to the existing knowledge.